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This page has textbooks for English speaking people.


Chapter 1: Introduction to Music Theory

  • Why Study Music Theory?
  • The World of New Standard Music Theory
  • Measurements in Music Theory

Chapter 2: Components & Composition

  • Components of Music
  • Songwriting, Songs & Music Theory
  • Noises and “Sounds”
  • “Pitch”, “Note Names” and Reference Tone
  • Note Names and Degrees: Basic Rule for Chords

Chapter 3: The Staff and How It Works

  • The Staff and Its Structure
  • Leger Lines
  • Keyboard Structure
  • Clefs : G-clef (treble) and F-clef (bass)
  • The Staff and Keyboard Relationship
  • Number of Semitones

Chapter 4: The World of Scales

  • Chromatic Scale
  • Diatonic Scale
  • Primary Scale : The Major Scale
  • Definition of the Major Scale
  • Popular Music and Its Boundary
  • Overview of Chords and Scales

Chapter 5: Intervals Part1 ( MOST IMPORTANT )

  • Intervals
  • How are Intervals expressed?
  • Elements of an Interval
  • Interval Quality Symbol
  • Normal Circumstance – Fits in the Box
  • Practical Keyboard Exercise 1

Chapter 6: D7C Intervals Part 2

  • Diatonic 7th Chord (D7C)
Interval exercise books

Interval exercise books

Interval exercise books

Interval exercise books